Character Information
Name Frustymtf
Level 277
Guild Bolton
Title Archer
Last online about 16 hours ago
Born June 01, 2022
Recent character kills and deaths
Kfijf killed Frustymtf - 4 days ago
Frustymtf , Babaluxxa and Pancinha Sz killed Betotoso - 5 days ago
Hadesz Il Pcr and Frustymtf killed Julia Ip - 5 days ago
Dtm Kxnna Sz and Frustymtf killed Skeleto Warior - 5 days ago
Evil Zutano killed Frustymtf - 5 days ago
Skeleto Warior killed Frustymtf - 5 days ago
Lelokai and Frustymtf killed Goodinhooo - 5 days ago
Goodinhooo and Sir Abaddon killed Frustymtf - 5 days ago
Frustymtf and Jp Vedoy killed Cybekiller - 6 days ago
Frustymtf killed Novo Jogador Kk - 6 days ago
Alqd Il Wilbert and Frustymtf killed Il Kunll Sz - 7 days ago
Frustymtf and Il Lauro Il killed Ss Palladino Ss - 7 days ago
Frustymtf killed Mamaiuf - 7 days ago
Frustymtf killed Morridasssss - 7 days ago
Il Ice Boy Il and Frustymtf killed Fire Foda - 7 days ago

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