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Character Information
Name Fortal
Level 351
Guild Assasing
Last online currently online
Born November 24, 2017
Recent character kills and deaths
Paulovinicio , El Alan , Osiris Dns , Yaee , El Dink Matador and Wyatt Earp killed Fortal - less than a minute ago
Fortal and Wyatt Earp killed Gzuizim - less than a minute ago
Osiris Dns , Yaee , Fortal and Lucasxxl killed Bad Dark - less than a minute ago
Alle Cxs killed Fortal - 2 minutes ago
Adriw Of Azt and Sr Scott killed Fortal - 3 minutes ago
Fortal killed Troller Gm - 3 minutes ago
Hunter Of Kon and Tryksi killed Fortal - 8 minutes ago
Tryksi and Hunter Of Kon killed Fortal - 10 minutes ago
Tryksi killed Fortal - 12 minutes ago
Fortal killed Hunter Of Kon - 13 minutes ago
Fortal and Shadow Ametista killed Sra Flowers Dth - 15 minutes ago
Lady Of Fire and Fortal killed Lucasxxl - 17 minutes ago
Fortal and Lady Of Fire killed Sra Flowers Dth - 18 minutes ago
Gzuizim , Samurai Wirzard , Akt Reverso and Fortal killed Akt Tiu Zao - 20 minutes ago
Fortal , Shoroke and Samurai Wirzard killed Malware Ofk - 21 minutes ago

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