Character Information
Name Ffpw
Level 222
Title Vampire Slayer V Legendary
Last online about 2 hours ago
Born May 02, 2022
Recent character kills and deaths
Wagne Gggggg and Bad Mxrio Vl killed Ffpw - about 2 hours ago
Demon Shelby and Julio Rvt killed Ffpw - about 14 hours ago
Duuduhh and Spike Sakura killed Ffpw - about 14 hours ago
Farm Kauehziin and Ffpw killed Julio Rvt - about 14 hours ago
Guizada Leter killed Ffpw - about 14 hours ago
Ffpw killed Pvp Guizada - about 14 hours ago
Miguelboskill and Ffpw killed Sbf Bebo Bhama - about 16 hours ago
Wagne Gggggg and Ffpw killed Ii Magepvp Ii - about 21 hours ago
Ffpw and Il Mog Kina killed Txt Victor - 4 days ago
Fericch , Nznzjzjz and Ffpw killed Deus Nvp - 4 days ago
Ffpw killed Milanesa Pure - 4 days ago
Ffpw , Mm Melee Mm , Branko Il and Sunset Knigth killed Lightbrow - 4 days ago
Uuuzhsjsj and Ffpw killed The Acount - 4 days ago
Ffpw , Uuuzhsjsj and Nznzjzjz killed Kevinaqxd - 4 days ago
Ffpw , Magicyt and Xhalerkill killed Kevinaqxd - 4 days ago

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