Character Information
Name Feridpro
Level 267
Guild Hellbound Dragons
Last online about 2 hours ago
Born June 11, 2019
Recent character kills and deaths
Kaznojc Vte killed Feridpro - 1 day ago
Jaimejrr and Feridpro killed Bxd Duarter Sz - 1 day ago
Feridpro and Daddy Zlodziej killed Noobzinho Sg - 3 days ago
Feridpro killed Wwwkim - 3 days ago
Feridpro killed Polak Ut Bbbb - 3 days ago
Gmo Fortres Pvp killed Feridpro - 3 days ago
Feridpro and Il Leave Il killed Kzjuhhfhfudud - 4 days ago
Trun Born and Kayangts killed Feridpro - 5 days ago
Feridpro and Xx Pazarac Xx killed Kayangts - 5 days ago
Dev Bader killed Feridpro - 6 days ago

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