Fack You Jeje Online Supporter

Character Information
Name Fack You Jeje
Level 450
Guild Il One Piece
Title Boss Slayer VII Legendary
Last online currently online
Born November 26, 2017
Recent character kills and deaths
Vylbx and Fack You Jeje killed Titisss - 4 days ago
Eljoseinsano , Xribamax , Xl Bow Legend , Fack You Jeje , Enzo Potter , Iz Madra Iz , Sarambambiche , The Toti , Migmaxdd and Imaushiwakasa killed Ruok Black - 6 days ago
Asmatik , Red Dog Il Mal , Bombos , Fack You Jeje , Hdvcdgj and Xl Bow Legend killed Azuh Vl - 6 days ago
Lis Il Red killed Fack You Jeje - 6 days ago
Evenel Big Bow , Tesddys , Mafther and Fack You Jeje killed Il Lauro Il - 7 days ago

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