Evil Wendell Supporter

Character Information
Name Evil Wendell
Level 175
Guild Academy Dtm
Last online about 16 hours ago
Born January 14, 2020
Recent character kills and deaths
Evil Wendell killed Coriingaa - about 16 hours ago
Atake Macabro killed Evil Wendell - 5 days ago
Ii Faker Ii , Tom Akt and Evil Wendell killed Robynhoody - 5 days ago
Evil Wendell and Tom Akt killed Kina Mal Memo - 5 days ago
Kina Mal Memo , Evil Wendell and Ii Faker Ii killed Darkeswandow - 5 days ago
Cizal Jr and Evil Wendell killed Blk Pedro - 6 days ago
Evil Wendell killed Il Trn Furry Il - 6 days ago
Snd Raphtalia , Evil Wendell and Nekometa killed Atake Macabro - 6 days ago

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