Esse Uew

Character Information
Name Esse Uew
Level 305
Guild Alliance
Title Orthrus Slayer
Last online about 3 hours ago
Born August 05, 2020
Recent character kills and deaths
Esse Uew and Fchatp killed Hughororororot - about 19 hours ago
Mauro Akt killed Esse Uew - about 19 hours ago
Esse Uew and Chuppacabra Hp killed Palla Gold - about 19 hours ago
Esse Uew killed Fantsmimha - about 19 hours ago
Chuppacabra Hp and Esse Uew killed Diablo Feste - about 19 hours ago
Adannplayerbr , Evil Leonxrdo , Esse Uew , Vudoka and Coelhohihi killed Ailuj Ana - about 20 hours ago
Coelhohihi , Vudoka and Esse Uew killed Nobrul Alemao - about 20 hours ago
Unknown Wizxrd , Sally Akhetenor , Esse Uew , Il Brenddown Il , Krytic , Vergalinda and Osito Pandi killed Night Ougai - 1 day ago
Devil Voldemort , Esse Uew , Crazy Snd and Evil Legolas killed Wimolix - 2 days ago
Stats Returns killed Esse Uew - 3 days ago
Il Qyor Low Il and Il Lord Pk Il killed Esse Uew - 4 days ago
Kira Spy killed Esse Uew - 4 days ago
Ryanlvl and Esse Uew killed Mrkaan - 4 days ago
Blokafacil and Esse Uew killed Xx Sartan Xx - 4 days ago
Esse Uew and Elite Tkd killed Kaun Jr - 4 days ago

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