Character Information
Name Erickgd
Level 258
Last online 12 minutes ago
Born January 07, 2017
Recent character kills and deaths
Vanii Ownadora killed Erickgd - 11 minutes ago
Il Tobi Of Gkl , Jandersonz and Zl Sub Zero Zl killed Erickgd - 15 minutes ago
Erickgd , Alacazem and Droid Xdv killed Major Of Sct - 20 minutes ago
Eo Verus and Kayky Fatalite killed Erickgd - 22 minutes ago
Meeliodaass killed Erickgd - 28 minutes ago
Erickgd killed Geo The Link - 28 minutes ago
Fury Broly Lkz and Meeliodaass killed Erickgd - 34 minutes ago
Xz Tryhard Zx and Il Dad Skill Il killed Erickgd - about 15 hours ago
Erickgd killed Speedioso - about 15 hours ago
Erickgd and Kon Sagrado Il killed Il Hellfire Il - about 15 hours ago
Hambo Sz and Erickgd killed Xeslav - about 16 hours ago
Shadow Alex Il killed Erickgd - about 16 hours ago
Erickgd killed Impuamon Ninja - about 16 hours ago
Ilittlezeral and Erickgd killed Pretobr - about 16 hours ago
Erickgd and Yeti Tubby killed Hoguhi - 1 day ago

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