Az Alisson Supporter

Character Information
Name Az Alisson
Level 518
Guild Alcatraz
Title Mage
Last online about 5 hours ago
Born March 19, 2020
Recent character kills and deaths
Plauzzz Yt and Az Alisson killed Dfs Samurai Hx - about 5 hours ago
Vnchao , Low Rng , Az Alisson , Icy Morticia and Emotional Void killed Mermyy - about 6 hours ago
Az Alisson killed Saibrik Br - about 9 hours ago
Icy Morticia killed Az Alisson - about 9 hours ago
Az Alisson , Il Armageddonn , Az Cxdett and Icy Oniichan Sz killed Leozera Br - about 9 hours ago
Tiodi , Az Alisson and Eo Bunny Hp killed Atual - about 10 hours ago
Az Alisson killed Yondaime Lee - about 11 hours ago
Sabrina Nee , Phantom Delassz , Il Satella Il , Jdnsscihdvxdjd , Az Alisson and Subcerous killed Byn Vdf - about 12 hours ago
Elder Bdjl killed Az Alisson - about 13 hours ago
Ndjeb , Icy Rashima Vl , Arees Thc , Icy Guest Sz , Az Alisson , Icy Athena Sz , Luiu and Kiehl Fendark killed Elder Bdjl - about 13 hours ago
Cebo Bs , Alacrya Of Fz and Az Alisson killed Lowzinhos - about 17 hours ago
Evil Myst and Evil Jinn killed Az Alisson - about 17 hours ago
Az Alisson , Ftm Yakute Sz and Evil Bzk Xx killed Jeffrey Dahmr - about 19 hours ago
Az Alisson , Icy Donatello and Boom Fruit killed Guttiehe Gamer - about 20 hours ago
Az Alisson killed Icy Morticia - 1 day ago

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