Character Information
Name Enzolimao
Level 372
Guild Void Dragons
Title Dragon Slayer IV Ultra Rare
Last online about 2 hours ago
Born July 07, 2020
Recent character kills and deaths
Zeus Mike Nks and Enzolimao killed Statliy - about 5 hours ago
Chaos Blackk killed Enzolimao - about 16 hours ago
Hsjsiskskz and Ix Dreemurr Ix killed Enzolimao - about 19 hours ago
Ix Dreemurr Ix , Enzolimao and Gabigoubro killed Gralinho - about 19 hours ago
Hsjsiskskz , Over Taker Gm and Enzolimao killed Ix Dreemurr Ix - about 19 hours ago
Hentae Is Life killed Enzolimao - about 19 hours ago
Hardflipskate and Enzolimao killed Sz Jenitr Sz - about 19 hours ago
Zenitsu Vll killed Enzolimao - about 22 hours ago
Sbk Du Xp , Enzolimao and Lov Duda Olv killed Dark Games - about 22 hours ago
Enzolimao , Sbk Du Xp and Vds File Rx Rx killed Baldur Il - about 22 hours ago
Il Brenddown Il killed Enzolimao - about 23 hours ago
Enzolimao killed Onbaa - 2 days ago
Atiila and Tzora killed Enzolimao - 2 days ago
Vds Stark Rx Rx , Enzolimao and Alqd Il Wilbert killed Tzora - 2 days ago
Alqd Il Wilbert , Enzolimao , Vds File Rx Rx and Vds Stark Rx Rx killed Death Lxgend Il - 2 days ago

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