Emmabot Online

Character Information
Name Emmabot
Level 132
Guild Guardia Infinity
Title General Krinok Slayer
Last online currently online
Born February 05, 2024
Recent character kills and deaths
Super Tpaktop and Emmabot killed Ngh Gtyb - about 2 hours ago
Il Rambo Jr killed Emmabot - about 11 hours ago
Yojangzz , Yhuhuhu and Emmabot killed Turryto Dos - about 11 hours ago
Emmabot and Sofi Bb killed Qw Er Ry Tf Cs - 1 day ago
Emmabot killed Dl Magic Op Dl - 1 day ago
Emmabot and Penwi killed Dl Magic Op Dl - 1 day ago
Penwi and Sm Onji killed Emmabot - 1 day ago
Jaiderduran killed Emmabot - 3 days ago
Iddl killed Emmabot - 4 days ago
Lucifeerrt and Emmabot killed Iddlx - 4 days ago
Yhos El Pro , Emmabot , Kirito Jo and Sharingan Op killed Misawow - 4 days ago
Yixus Low and Emmabot killed Ytmas - 5 days ago
Emmabot and Kagastian killed Cxrrupt Nay Vl - 5 days ago
Emmabot , Ressasin and Sebita Xd killed Migmaxdd - 5 days ago
Mxoaowjs and Drixmorez killed Emmabot - 6 days ago

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