Character Information
Name Emanueljkm
Level 205
Last online about 3 hours ago
Born December 30, 2018
Recent character kills and deaths
Jrjuniorhp , Emanueljkm and Ill Snow Ill killed Arthurbarbosa - about 3 hours ago
Emanueljkm and Arthurbarbosa killed Gods Slayers - about 3 hours ago
Emanueljkm killed Anonymuos - about 3 hours ago
Arthurbarbosa killed Emanueljkm - about 3 hours ago
Deidara Mitoo and Gssjiksksk killed Emanueljkm - about 4 hours ago
Emanueljkm killed Gabrielstein - about 19 hours ago
Emanueljkm and Il Magic Foda killed Waxlsendrete - 3 days ago
West Night Club , Emanueljkm and Il Kithana Il killed Hellish Warrior - 6 days ago

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