Elmishiuwu Online

Character Information
Name Elmishiuwu
Level 280
Guild V The Deadly Sins V
Title Rat Slayer V Legendary
Last online currently online
Born January 21, 2023
Recent character kills and deaths
Nova Beta killed Elmishiuwu - about 2 hours ago
Gaeltv and Elmishiuwu killed Op Melee Sc - about 3 hours ago
Tang Sang and Banitas killed Elmishiuwu - about 3 hours ago
Elmishiuwu killed Agatinhachego - about 4 hours ago
Elmishiuwu killed Mmaniaco - about 11 hours ago
Melkorgg , In The Dark Op , Sebas Chatarra and Elmishiuwu killed Mmaniaco - about 11 hours ago
Andressfelipe and Paxty killed Elmishiuwu - about 12 hours ago
Elmishiuwu killed Petrobata - about 14 hours ago
Diaadia killed Elmishiuwu - about 17 hours ago
Elmishiuwu killed Magica Vl - about 18 hours ago
El Pana Ale and Xl Depredadortl killed Elmishiuwu - about 18 hours ago
Hacker Vv , Elmishiuwu and Aleprocrach killed Survivalll - about 18 hours ago
Elmishiuwu killed King Dark Lord - 3 days ago
Pepe Huerta and Elmishiuwu killed Diosa Sofi - 3 days ago
Elmishiuwu killed Gm Vida Total - 4 days ago

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