Character Information
Name Elmejorandmax
Level 184
Guild Northern Alliance
Last online about 3 hours ago
Born May 26, 2020
Recent character kills and deaths
Leonardo Nna and Maseron killed Elmejorandmax - about 17 hours ago
Elmejorandmax killed Rexxardex - about 18 hours ago
Elmejorandmax and Il Exoticks Il killed Kl Joker - about 18 hours ago
El Zapato killed Elmejorandmax - 2 days ago
Elmejorandmax killed Weslley Noob - 2 days ago
Elmejorandmax killed Alex Ve - 2 days ago
Elmejorandmax and Andres Outlaw killed Stripped Cs - 3 days ago
Andres Outlaw killed Elmejorandmax - 4 days ago
Oscar Mcg killed Elmejorandmax - 5 days ago
Meteor Rain , Elmejorandmax and My Name Is Mud killed Iorchcrack - 6 days ago
Elmejorandmax and Il Malvado Il killed Guelhermepoplll - 6 days ago
Elmejorandmax and Guelhermepoplll killed Marthinelproz - 6 days ago

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