Character Information
Name Elisonsilva
Level 240
Guild Academy Rdg
Last online about 2 hours ago
Born August 01, 2018
Recent character kills and deaths
Zard Morse Il killed Elisonsilva - about 2 hours ago
Elisonsilva , Vds Glub , Black Of Birds and Poico Loco killed God Lvl One - about 10 hours ago
Elisonsilva , Merlin Bleck , Mjpg and Vds Glub killed God Of Stats - about 10 hours ago
Guardia Of Soul , Lorde Espartago and Elisonsilva killed Il Skyrox Il - about 12 hours ago
Hdjdeswan and Elisonsilva killed Yanqwd - about 12 hours ago
Elisonsilva and Lucaslorditi killed Vitorneme - about 12 hours ago
Lord Domon killed Elisonsilva - about 15 hours ago
Elisonsilva and King Of Peace killed Kallidade - about 23 hours ago
Elisonsilva and Chalamandra killed Devil Warz - 1 day ago
Ugfv and Elisonsilva killed Ramilazar - 1 day ago
Ugfv and Elisonsilva killed Il Evil Rick Il - 1 day ago
Jirai Kira Dls and Elisonsilva killed Del King Sz - 2 days ago
Elisonsilva and Izabelli Linda killed Blackout Snd - 2 days ago
Elisonsilva and Gamer Blaster killed Il Kil Low Il - 3 days ago
Elisonsilva and Jujubaxd killed Lowo Wtw - 5 days ago

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