Character Information
Name Elfc
Level 508
Guild Arcanos
Title Haunted Willow Slayer VI Legendary
Last online about 1 hour ago
Born December 21, 2019
Recent character kills and deaths
Ybine and Hunterbbbb killed Elfc - about 2 hours ago
Elfc killed Il Blablabla Il - 1 day ago
Elfc killed Ll Soluco Ll - 1 day ago
Rxdsz and Elfc killed Icy Gomez - 1 day ago
Elfc and Og Loss killed Juan Pleyer - 3 days ago
Og Loss and Elfc killed Fdfgxvhffghh - 3 days ago
Fdfgxvhffghh killed Elfc - 3 days ago
Dragon Gott Op and Il Magical Niki killed Elfc - 3 days ago
Elfc and Ciumadinho killed Xbaratax - 3 days ago
Elfc killed Glesim - 3 days ago
Elfc killed Ksisnso - 3 days ago
Elfc killed Regaroth - 4 days ago
Psycho Whiskey killed Elfc - 4 days ago
Gxd Magx Op and Elfc killed Lucasgamerqqee - 4 days ago
Elfc , Feb Kirito , Juan Pleyer and Evil Kisame Il killed Mage Of War Il - 4 days ago

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