Character Information
Name Eksabroso
Level 352
Guild Kingdom Of Illyrian
Title Online Trainer V Legendary
Last online about 3 hours ago
Born May 29, 2023
Recent character kills and deaths
Demon Jqi killed Eksabroso - about 3 hours ago
Amp Medusa killed Eksabroso - 1 day ago
Aldo Is Bxck killed Eksabroso - 1 day ago
Eksabroso , Yuuki Is Dream and Blob Uno killed Aldo Is Bxck - 1 day ago
Eksabroso , Blob Uno and Yuuki Is Dream killed Nyx Deus - 1 day ago
Yuuki Is Dream and Eksabroso killed Capo Abysmal - 1 day ago
Mankito Vdf killed Eksabroso - 2 days ago
Eksabroso , Testing Bot Sz , Malda Magic and Wiskas Dx killed Il Rem Shxne Il - 2 days ago
Testing Bot Sz , Eksabroso and Malda Magic killed Il Rem Shxne Il - 2 days ago
Malda Magic , Eksabroso , Mini Huhhs and Wiskas Dx killed Il Cross Chara - 2 days ago
Wiskas Dx and Eksabroso killed Kemuelpzz - 5 days ago
Eksabroso , Espanhis and Getbul killed Eltalen - 5 days ago
Eksabroso and Getbul killed Alexis Day - 5 days ago
Mr Cng and Sevverus killed Eksabroso - 5 days ago
Eksabroso , Alanbruno Xd and Acn Death Girl killed Simiopedychi - 5 days ago

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