Migi Bs Online Supporter

Character Information
Name Migi Bs
Level 520
Guild Bind Souls
Title Victim V Legendary
Last online currently online
Born June 17, 2017
Recent character kills and deaths
Maiizy Milk killed Migi Bs - 2 days ago
Abysmal Mrlord and Migi Bs killed Light Drk - 2 days ago
Elda Moon , Traning Vl , God Il Death , Maiizy Milk , Migi Bs , Pahlawan Oxygen , Eclipse Demkn and Zaiwin killed Mbxky The Spy - 2 days ago
Migi Bs killed Al Elric Il - 6 days ago
Al Elric Il killed Migi Bs - 6 days ago
Migi Bs killed When Eres Arc - 6 days ago

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