Dudu Ddf Online

Character Information
Name Dudu Ddf
Level 276
Guild Golden
Last online currently online
Born February 18, 2019
Recent character kills and deaths
Vmdh killed Dudu Ddf - 3 days ago
Antedequemon and Evil Yuuzinho killed Dudu Ddf - 3 days ago
Dudu Ddf , Guilherme Pop and Mandragora Il killed Emanuel Romam - 3 days ago
Guilherme Pop , Mandragora Il , Dudu Ddf and Emanuel Romam killed Atk Lelek - 3 days ago
Tokio Returns killed Dudu Ddf - 5 days ago
Dudu Ddf , Akt Midorima and Brucy Fenix killed Dt Xgamer - 5 days ago

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