Character Information
Name Drowerpl
Level 220
Guild Guardians
Last online about 2 hours ago
Born May 11, 2018
Recent character kills and deaths
Drowerpl killed Cursed Wizard - about 3 hours ago
Tfyuzzmmm and Drowerpl killed Maly Rycek - about 13 hours ago
Drowerpl and Virs Br killed Blazer Vhl - about 17 hours ago
Blazer Vhl killed Drowerpl - about 18 hours ago
Devil Xangai killed Drowerpl - about 20 hours ago
Zajebe Cie killed Drowerpl - about 20 hours ago
Drowerpl killed Nuuttipvp - about 20 hours ago
Sexy Poland and Drowerpl killed Atom Vhl - about 22 hours ago
Iksmen Rozrabia killed Drowerpl - about 23 hours ago
Sprytny Eskimos and Drowerpl killed Jannik Ii - about 23 hours ago
Drowerpl and God Ursin Il killed Pitpitmimi - 3 days ago
Savage Mrg and Czekan killed Drowerpl - 3 days ago
Czekan and Eng Game Mrg killed Drowerpl - 3 days ago
Danj Kawun , Drowerpl , Milicjant , Yuotubepl and Bleckkk killed Cursed Wizard - 3 days ago
Tofikxpompa and Drowerpl killed Savage Mrg - 3 days ago

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