Ares Thc Supporter

Character Information
Name Ares Thc
Level 596
Guild The Hussary Crew
Title Boss Slayer VI Legendary
Last online about 17 hours ago
Born January 26, 2019
Recent character kills and deaths
Ares Thc and Skitz Crz killed Janek Jwp - 1 day ago
Ares Thc , Kazutora Of Rbs and Ederya killed Dynamoo Bdjl - 2 days ago
Night Aamon killed Ares Thc - 3 days ago
Ares Thc and Legion Thc killed Kalashnikov Lhk - 4 days ago
Hypeiri , Eternal Lennox , Akuma The First , Op Lucy Op , Kaykedk , Mr Kirito Sv , Ares Thc , Lightning Bdjl and Hitaci Qts killed Ghxst Il Rbs - 5 days ago
Ares Thc killed Legion Thc - 7 days ago

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