Character Information
Name Dorcom
Level 240
Guild Dark Knights Of Legolas
Title Drow Slayer V Legendary
Last online about 8 hours ago
Born July 16, 2021
Recent character kills and deaths
Xfzbfhzdh and Dorcom killed Portgasdrouge - about 9 hours ago
Dorcom and Snub Dog killed Louis Spirale - 2 days ago
Cafardbg killed Dorcom - 2 days ago
Le Francais Op killed Dorcom - 3 days ago
Tow Yl and Dorcom killed Ismueo Pro - 3 days ago
Lord Dist Dkol and Crt Ronaldo killed Dorcom - 3 days ago
Cursed Bounty killed Dorcom - 3 days ago
Tolik Xexexe and Dorcom killed Ecorrr - 3 days ago
Dorcom , Vickypiki and Arimhan killed Wraith Hunter - 3 days ago
Dorcom , Rei Samucavito , Hwiwibsbsgoo and It God Lord It killed Deadly Fighter - 4 days ago
Dorcom and Hwiwibsbsgoo killed Masz Deda Nabie - 4 days ago
Hwiwibsbsgoo and Dorcom killed Sm Onji - 4 days ago
Dorcom killed Quesoq - 4 days ago
Not Low Puscuk killed Dorcom - 5 days ago
Exali killed Dorcom - 5 days ago

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