Dk Jean Online

Character Information
Name Dk Jean
Level 161
Guild Mft Mirai Of Taime
Last online currently online
Born October 31, 2016
Recent character kills and deaths
Dk Jean and Beabs killed Il Im Ninja Il - 3 days ago
Dk Jean , Wiliantop and Chikitaulaa killed Rei Do Gamer - 3 days ago
Vycttordaniel , Soul Maconheiro , Jehdh Acc Farm , Hugojljljljl and Dk Jean killed Julio Pb - 3 days ago
Golden Divegas and Dk Jean killed Il Darknight Il - 3 days ago
Dk Jean and Nicollas Lindo killed Adriel Groza - 4 days ago
Dk Jean , Adriel Groza and Nicollas Lindo killed Tyrease - 4 days ago
Eu Sou Br Porra , Dk Jean and Xx Prozinbr Xx killed Deus Pato - 4 days ago
Arrow Melhor and Dk Jean killed Noob Br Rulcoy - 5 days ago
Dk Jean , Jooker Yt , Bloker Mosh and Il Black Jr Il killed Dark Lil - 7 days ago

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