Character Information
Name Dinosonline
Level 338
Guild C H A M P I O N
Title Mage II Uncommon
Last online about 6 hours ago
Born July 18, 2020
Recent character kills and deaths
Dinosonline , Delusion Crz and Tranv killed Iman Nick - 3 days ago
Tompel Hitam and Dinosonline killed Bamng Gmn - 3 days ago
Dinosonline , Tranv , Banggy , Iyuhyk Iz and Third Acc Ganu killed Swolaron Crz Vl - 3 days ago
Dinosonline , Nzjxkzk and Iyuhyk Iz killed Swolaron Crz Vl - 3 days ago
Iyuhyk Iz and Dinosonline killed Neighbor Son - 3 days ago
Dinosonline , Notes Il Ramaa and Iyuhyk Iz killed Dxnger Notes Xl - 3 days ago
Dahlah Ngulang , Nzjxkzk and Dinosonline killed Team Maulana - 3 days ago
Dinosonline killed Qdvdikko - 4 days ago
Dinosonline and Gamer Nfl killed Rexxyn - 6 days ago

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