Dg Gm Supporter

Character Information
Name Dg Gm
Level 296
Last online 2 days ago
Born August 16, 2018
Recent character kills and deaths
Cripto Maniaco and Dg Gm killed Shampeig - 2 days ago
Wendrelk , Pally Of World , Kim Vber and Dg Gm killed Lelokai - 2 days ago
Black Skul and Dg Gm killed Imperador Gg - 2 days ago
Spirit Perfext , Farmxp , Dg Gm and Saint Andreziin killed Exterminador Bi - 2 days ago
Dg Gm , Matafaciil and Zeylhao killed Haill Solitary - 2 days ago
Dg Gm and Matafaciil killed Kinalenda - 2 days ago
Dg Gm , Cris Jonathan and Vicpe killed Nakamura Yuki - 2 days ago
Dg Gm and Vicpe killed Gato Manso - 2 days ago
Dg Gm and Azukachan killed Chapolin Ykz - 3 days ago

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