Denis Br Supporter

Character Information
Name Denis Br
Level 263
Last online about 2 hours ago
Born November 09, 2017
Recent character kills and deaths
The Knight Dtl killed Denis Br - about 2 hours ago
Il Brutalit Il , Denis Br and Astaxd killed Mikael Mcm - about 2 hours ago
God Thanatos and Evil Bills Sz killed Denis Br - about 2 hours ago
Munhoz Bp and Il New Laura Il killed Denis Br - about 2 hours ago
Kaio Pi and Denis Br killed Noni Welerson - about 2 hours ago
Mage Boladao Sz , Coquinho Pro , Clashs and Denis Br killed Opoju - about 2 hours ago
Leiru Udy , Aimsad and Denis Br killed Bks Renan - about 3 hours ago
Leiru Udy , Bks Renan , Denis Br and Aimsad killed Bks Alison - about 3 hours ago
Kannkito , Bks Renan and Denis Br killed Il Megumin Woi - about 3 hours ago

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