Degrafdh Online

Character Information
Name Degrafdh
Level 293
Guild Death Legends
Last online currently online
Born May 10, 2020
Recent character kills and deaths
Degrafdh killed Pig Man Uwu - 33 minutes ago
Degrafdh and Juan Jose Polic killed Pig Man Uwu - 38 minutes ago
Bwb killed Degrafdh - about 2 hours ago
Esdrabacs and Degrafdh killed Ismaelyulo - 1 day ago
Ismaelyulo killed Degrafdh - 1 day ago
Shadow Kakashi killed Degrafdh - 2 days ago
Ficex killed Degrafdh - 2 days ago
Sinon Of Kon killed Degrafdh - 2 days ago
Ender Il Kod and Degrafdh killed Adiya - 2 days ago
Carlossura killed Degrafdh - 2 days ago
Lilaso and Degrafdh killed Invoker Il - 2 days ago
Nightblitz and Degrafdh killed Ixl Flo Ixl - 2 days ago
El Grade Naam and Degrafdh killed Gonhan Foda - 2 days ago
Honey Koin and Wgsu killed Degrafdh - 2 days ago
Degrafdh killed Kdzmorte - 2 days ago

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