Character Information
Name Dandanmagam
Level 216
Guild Senpais
Title Expert
Last online about 10 hours ago
Born April 23, 2021
Recent character kills and deaths
Dandanmagam , Idoso Amigavel and Otaldo Pvpzeiro killed Dxwgygcs - about 11 hours ago
Danizim Yt , Sou Mito Jjs and Otaldo Pvpzeiro killed Dandanmagam - about 11 hours ago
Vgouhgf and Dandanmagam killed Gerenapo - about 11 hours ago
Dandanmagam killed Idoso Amigavel - about 11 hours ago
Joker Rucoy and Dandanmagam killed Isseitez - about 11 hours ago
Dandanmagam killed Luizinhoofc - 4 days ago
Zerozero Sama , Kiuf and Dandanmagam killed Pay Skill Dash - 4 days ago
Vl Kina Op Vl and Dandanmagam killed Pally The King - 4 days ago
Sleep Drug killed Dandanmagam - 5 days ago
Jubscle and Dandanmagam killed Fialalals - 5 days ago
Dandanmagam and Skrkx killed Lorde Xmaiconx - 5 days ago
Dandanmagam , Nubdog and Il Kevin Black killed Bssjdhxso - 5 days ago
Luffy Rr and Dandanmagam killed Doido Low - 5 days ago
God Thanatos killed Dandanmagam - 6 days ago

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