Crouny Supporter

Character Information
Name Crouny
Level 208
Guild Iluminatts Academy
Last online 3 days ago
Born June 01, 2018
Recent character kills and deaths
Valdermon Dns , Crouny and Luiz Ganmer killed Saint Celo - 3 days ago
Valdermon Dns , Metal Nith and Crouny killed Emerson Yakuza - 3 days ago
Saint Celo and Emerson Yakuza killed Crouny - 3 days ago
Crouny and Brayanytbr killed Ark Shark - 3 days ago
Ark Shark killed Crouny - 5 days ago
Crouny killed Rurjennd - 6 days ago
Srta Ama Bull killed Crouny - 6 days ago
Crouny and Bifao killed Kauuee - 6 days ago

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