Cran Il Axe Il Supporter

Character Information
Name Cran Il Axe Il
Level 484
Guild Il One Piece
Title Boss Slayer VI Legendary
Last online about 3 hours ago
Born May 07, 2017
Recent character kills and deaths
Snd Invader killed Cran Il Axe Il - about 10 hours ago
Site Manager killed Cran Il Axe Il - 2 days ago
Site Manager killed Cran Il Axe Il - 3 days ago
Mbxky The Spy , Magic Han , Site Manager , Cran Il Axe Il , Dectar Is Back and Hot Is Pvp killed Snd Invader - 3 days ago
Dectar Is Back , Spxz , Eternal Yxnn Xl , Cran Il Axe Il and Mysticxl Ninja killed Jdoeop Il Drk - 6 days ago
Mig Ok , Rxse , Bring Me , Cran Il Axe Il , Orbv , Mihawk Evill , Klaurl and Fz Il Lyse Hext killed Hectorgh - 6 days ago
Krs Show Maker , Nganvanlong , Koligood , Kinzhal and Cran Il Axe Il killed Real Katarina - 6 days ago
Cran Il Axe Il , Psykos , Venezula and All Farm Boy killed Kato Megumi Xx - 6 days ago

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