Cndc Online

Character Information
Name Cndc
Level 206
Guild Determination
Last online currently online
Born June 03, 2019
Recent character kills and deaths
Cndc killed Prd Meno - 10 minutes ago
Cndc and Maciel Ra killed Mestre Das Fera - about 1 hour ago
Albablack , Hackpp , Cndc and Ilittlezeral killed Bruno Presottov - about 2 hours ago
Ilittlezeral and Cndc killed Qjjsssjene - about 2 hours ago
Cndc killed Il Carl Il - about 2 hours ago
Cndc killed Il Carl Il - about 3 hours ago
Il Sinistrus Il and Eo Kamikaze Rvt killed Cndc - about 3 hours ago
Gluantoz killed Cndc - about 4 hours ago
Snd Crypton and Cndc killed Playvitorgamesx - about 4 hours ago
Cndc killed Cauafortunato - about 4 hours ago
Bigu Sz , Cndc and Cataclysmo Br killed Il Hellfire Il - about 7 hours ago
Mackoa and Cndc killed Bruno Presottov - about 7 hours ago
Cndc , Jorge Tavares , Exterminador Bi and Wesleycosta Il killed The Yank - about 8 hours ago
Silms , Minato Dod and Cndc killed Hoguhi - about 8 hours ago
Apocalipse Kina , Cndc and Asepxapc killed Hoguhi - about 8 hours ago

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