Character Information
Name Claysonxl
Level 270
Title PvP Master VII Legendary
Last online about 1 hour ago
Born October 27, 2023
Recent character kills and deaths
Rico Xl and Claysonxl killed Cdu Ed - about 2 hours ago
Rico Xl killed Claysonxl - about 2 hours ago
Carllos Pvp , Jmijsbbabsbnana and Claysonxl killed Lendario Boss - about 2 hours ago
Knight Bia Sz , Jmijsbbabsbnana , Claysonxl and Mateus Cunha Kk killed Archer Xyz - about 2 hours ago
Claysonxl and Il Reikage Il killed Tatsumaki Nkz - about 23 hours ago
Tatsumaki Nkz killed Claysonxl - about 23 hours ago
Sasukecapo killed Claysonxl - 1 day ago
Claysonxl , Gm Wexal and Joaobzin killed Sasukecapo - 1 day ago
Maconheirolivre killed Claysonxl - 2 days ago
Eovelho killed Claysonxl - 2 days ago
Il Rapidopai Li , Claysonxl and Low Magic Vll killed Vitorgg Machado - 2 days ago
Ano Novo Chines and Iberserk killed Claysonxl - 2 days ago
Fxjsnssss killed Claysonxl - 2 days ago
Claysonxl and Awxt killed Desastresz - 2 days ago
The Fxllen and Fle Xa Sz killed Claysonxl - 2 days ago

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