Character Information
Name Chgcyfgchjfqghh
Level 295
Last online about 19 hours ago
Born October 26, 2019
Recent character kills and deaths
Gordin Do Gueto killed Chgcyfgchjfqghh - about 19 hours ago
Chefinho Wnc , Davy Sabbadin and Chgcyfgchjfqghh killed Il Mage Apelao - 1 day ago
Hicaro Alexandr and Chgcyfgchjfqghh killed Nobzeraxx - 1 day ago
Il Skillzuda Il , Escanor Ykz and Devil Bylez killed Chgcyfgchjfqghh - 3 days ago
Mib Kamikase and Chgcyfgchjfqghh killed Nnnmmkkxkd - 3 days ago
Escanor Ykz , Il Skillzuda Il , Willy Meys and Carlinkapo killed Chgcyfgchjfqghh - 3 days ago
Chgcyfgchjfqghh killed Zegrilo - 3 days ago
Eterna Milly Sz and Chgcyfgchjfqghh killed Zunrise - 7 days ago

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