Cascudin Supporter

Character Information
Name Cascudin
Level 357
Title Goblin Slayer
Last online about 3 hours ago
Born July 27, 2020
Recent character kills and deaths
Cascudin killed Miguelgaoloide - about 5 hours ago
Cascudin and Miguelgaoloide killed Ggreilord - about 5 hours ago
Evill Demon Sz killed Cascudin - about 5 hours ago
Cascudin killed Llima Ofc - about 5 hours ago
Cascudin killed Yiny Leon - about 8 hours ago
Helpis killed Cascudin - about 8 hours ago
Cascudin , Ff Io Bf and Sop Itens Dima killed Acc Iskill - about 8 hours ago
Il Evil Biel , Cascudin and Gzuizim killed Shadday Vl - about 8 hours ago

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