Bz Kevin Supporter

Character Information
Name Bz Kevin
Level 159
Guild Tropa De Elite
Last online about 1 hour ago
Born February 23, 2020
Recent character kills and deaths
Bz Kevin killed Il Nube Killerl - about 1 hour ago
Sasuke Ultira killed Bz Kevin - about 14 hours ago
Bz Kevin killed Gulgor - about 15 hours ago
Loser Op and Fat Cawk Tahha killed Bz Kevin - 1 day ago
Adolf Comunista and Loser Op killed Bz Kevin - 1 day ago
Bz Kevin and Leoneeee killed August Oliveir - 1 day ago
Trusts Worthy killed Bz Kevin - 2 days ago
Bz Kevin killed Tl Wes - 2 days ago
Intheand killed Bz Kevin - 2 days ago
Aiqd , Bz Kevin and Rriquen Plays killed Krazyone - 2 days ago
Bz Kevin , Weritodead and Wizardofice killed Genesisooo - 2 days ago
Bz Kevin , Diobolus and Event Horizoncc killed Sou Uma Loli - 3 days ago
Bz Kevin , Il Hellfire Il and Bkafetao killed Low The Killer - 3 days ago
Joaomodz and Bz Kevin killed Deroe - 3 days ago
Lxbrunixl killed Bz Kevin - 3 days ago

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