Bx Rucoy

Character Information
Name Bx Rucoy
Level 279
Last online about 1 hour ago
Born March 23, 2020
Recent character kills and deaths
Aot Exxtincct killed Bx Rucoy - about 1 hour ago
Bx Rucoy and Joy Rasing killed Npc Cebol - about 1 hour ago
Ofis and Rds Raden killed Bx Rucoy - 1 day ago
Bx Rucoy killed Fuvkjh - 1 day ago
Yen Nie and Takashi Kumorow killed Bx Rucoy - 2 days ago
Axix Messiah killed Bx Rucoy - 2 days ago
Magi Rc Ind and Bx Rucoy killed Widan Ind - 2 days ago
Kr Dark Genos killed Bx Rucoy - 2 days ago
Kr God Bs and Psykos killed Bx Rucoy - 4 days ago
Bx Rucoy killed Neiser Nemesis - 4 days ago

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