Ymir Of Zaltys Supporter

Character Information
Name Ymir Of Zaltys
Level 440
Guild The System
Title Goliath Slayer V Legendary
Last online 32 minutes ago
Born October 07, 2020
Recent character kills and deaths
Zakmi Io killed Ymir Of Zaltys - about 3 hours ago
Ymir Of Zaltys and Balpegor killed Pyen Cud - about 3 hours ago
Balpegor and Ymir Of Zaltys killed Zakmi Io - about 3 hours ago
Btn Kina , Jesusjiji , Ymir Of Zaltys , Jsbsvwu , Apestoosoo , Romariofox , Star Rampage , Alacrya Of Fz and Osjshdh killed Hail Horde Hail - 4 days ago
Ymir Of Zaltys , Jxssica Return , Blak Faraon and Alacrya Of Fz killed Wand Rx - 4 days ago

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