Gm Bks

Character Information
Name Gm Bks
Level 203
Guild Il Black Skull Ll
Last online about 18 hours ago
Born June 22, 2020
Recent character kills and deaths
Pdadau Youtuber and Gm Bks killed Leonisff - about 19 hours ago
Gxd Carlos Alp and Il Zap Il killed Gm Bks - about 19 hours ago
Limpinhoo and Kumn killed Gm Bks - about 22 hours ago
Gm Bks killed Kumn - about 22 hours ago
Gm Bks and Vicencia killed Samr Moi - about 22 hours ago
Gm Bks , Estarossaadove and Sl Oliver killed Il Im Ninja Il - about 22 hours ago
Rucoy Alone and Gm Bks killed Satanickiller - 7 days ago

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