Bruno Opp

Character Information
Name Bruno Opp
Level 261
Last online about 24 hours ago
Born June 14, 2017
Recent character kills and deaths
Zazze killed Bruno Opp - 1 day ago
Bruno Opp killed Khaos Skillzudo - 1 day ago
Vzxyawhsub and Bruno Opp killed Khode - 1 day ago
Nob Nob killed Bruno Opp - 4 days ago
Bruno Opp and Hudbxydhdo killed Mc Vitnhoo - 4 days ago
Hirank Do Mal killed Bruno Opp - 4 days ago
Noobmastergsss , Bruno Opp and Sou Hed killed Nob Nob - 4 days ago
Bruno Opp and Shadow Ixl Low killed Garraffa - 4 days ago
Lizard Minotaur and Bruno Opp killed Lord Empanada - 4 days ago
Lucashenri killed Bruno Opp - 5 days ago
Healingmaster and Bruno Opp killed Jailtonbrw - 5 days ago
Bruno Opp and Healingmaster killed Biscoito Sad - 5 days ago

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