Character Information
Name Briggreen
Level 220
Last online about 1 hour ago
Born August 25, 2020
Recent character kills and deaths
Jonatanema , Briggreen and Andanstevens killed Erteiam - about 19 hours ago
Spike Uchiha , Briggreen and Onii Kit killed Kl Killer Kl - about 19 hours ago
Briggreen and Quien Para Was killed Zxkillr - about 23 hours ago
Quien Para Was and Briggreen killed Byjordan - about 23 hours ago
Ff Cuarenta Pro and Briggreen killed Samurai Xvx - 2 days ago
Darkness Bdjl killed Briggreen - 3 days ago
Briggreen and Feitan Ix killed Diogo Pro Playe - 4 days ago
Briggreen and Vosajo killed Love Eu - 4 days ago
Ill Azazyel Ill and Diogo Pro Playe killed Briggreen - 4 days ago
Fefiinho , Bbxxt and Briggreen killed Masterkey Unico - 4 days ago

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