Bos Vn

Character Information
Name Bos Vn
Level 161
Last online about 2 hours ago
Born October 30, 2021
Recent character kills and deaths
Ii Queen Magic killed Bos Vn - about 3 hours ago
Bos Vn , Hit Gm , Thanh Sanggg , Porfandrazz and Jastwifter killed Il Love Cute Il - about 11 hours ago
Sabio Serpiente killed Bos Vn - 1 day ago
Zb Seko killed Bos Vn - 3 days ago
Dr Pol Op , Bos Vn and Far Gold Low Su killed Hnd Dist Of God - 3 days ago
Demon Strike and Il Big Smoke Il killed Bos Vn - 3 days ago
Buon Lau Dau killed Bos Vn - 5 days ago

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