Character Information
Name Bodebr
Level 147
Guild Dark Ghosts Haunteds
Last online 38 minutes ago
Born July 30, 2018
Recent character kills and deaths
Lucas Ofisiauuu killed Bodebr - about 6 hours ago
Eo Frash Rvt and Bodebr killed Il Eo Vxlgo Rvt - about 6 hours ago
Sz Kaike Sz killed Bodebr - about 24 hours ago
New Benja Il killed Bodebr - 1 day ago
Richard Colares , Rolinelson and Bodebr killed Hazxel - 1 day ago
Bodebr and Hitkill Real killed Ninja Pro Go - 1 day ago
Mage Invicto and Snd Kauan killed Bodebr - 1 day ago
Sonikrak and Bodebr killed Zeroki Pan - 1 day ago
Vnam Pro killed Bodebr - 1 day ago
Flash Hoang killed Bodebr - 1 day ago

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