Bleyd Br Supporter

Character Information
Name Bleyd Br
Level 284
Guild Dark Blue Moon
Title Lucky
Last online about 18 hours ago
Born January 22, 2018
Recent character kills and deaths
Sz Rei Lucario and Bleyd Br killed Kakasinn - 5 days ago
Bleyd Br and Deividamigo killed Helpis - 5 days ago
Xt King Of Hell killed Bleyd Br - 5 days ago
Jiisjk , Bleyd Br , Itr Alisson and Shw Sakura Il killed Found Cerberus - 6 days ago
Il Madzin Il , Bleyd Br and Sxtan Intellect killed Victorddd - 6 days ago
Goldyo killed Bleyd Br - 7 days ago
Bgd Pro and Bleyd Br killed Jo Il Kkkkk Il - 7 days ago

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