Character Information
Name Blazimiroxd
Level 304
Guild Bind Souls
Title Adventurer III Rare
Last online about 3 hours ago
Born July 27, 2021
Recent character kills and deaths
Pogba Xl , Blazimiroxd , Lume Bs and Xl Rudder Bs killed Jumo Tr - 1 day ago
Blazimiroxd , Xl Rudder Bs , Jancuq , Andrxgora and Rock Lee Xl killed Il Cross Demon - 1 day ago
Blazimiroxd , Luisca , Andrxgora , Jumo Tr and Rock Lee Xl killed Il Cross Chara - 1 day ago
Lethal Warrior and Blessed Gintaru killed Blazimiroxd - 3 days ago
Xl Rudder Bs , Snd Hardcore , Araragi Bs and Blazimiroxd killed Blitzkrieg Cmr - 3 days ago

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