Bdjwne Online Supporter

Character Information
Name Bdjwne
Level 207
Guild Academy Hall Predadores
Last online currently online
Born December 23, 2020
Recent character kills and deaths
Vire Thc and Bdjwne killed Xx Bomber Xx - 1 minute ago
Bdjwne and Chin Crimson killed Vocina - 8 minutes ago
Aname Craz Sx and Bdjwne killed Birddon - 8 minutes ago
Bdjwne killed Natsukkii - 12 minutes ago
El Thiago Imd killed Bdjwne - 15 minutes ago
Bdjwne killed Bsoeut - 16 minutes ago
Bsoeut killed Bdjwne - 19 minutes ago
El Thiago Imd and Bsoeut killed Bdjwne - 21 minutes ago
Odin Cxs and Voidddn killed Bdjwne - 25 minutes ago
Bdjwne , Voidddn and Odin Cxs killed Boy Feragus - 25 minutes ago
Bdjwne killed Pt Gabriel - 25 minutes ago
Piotto Loko killed Bdjwne - about 22 hours ago
Bdjwne and Iam Noob Player killed Klunatix - about 22 hours ago
Bdjwne , Nigth Dilam , Dtm Donquixote , Flash Sparta and Kl Whatsapp Kl killed Kai Sat - about 23 hours ago
Bdjwne killed Hdhdbde - 2 days ago
Aura Blade and Bdjwne killed Wiz Of Kritical - 2 days ago

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