Barquinhu Online Supporter

Character Information
Name Barquinhu
Level 212
Guild West Night Club
Last online currently online
Born May 29, 2018
Recent character kills and deaths
Ix Clundkid Ix killed Barquinhu - 5 minutes ago
Wp Akt and Barquinhu killed Criscefgmesr - about 2 hours ago
Sr Pel Killer and Goodinhoo killed Barquinhu - about 2 hours ago
Young Kingz Akt , Sr Pel Killer , Uiwuwhshsh , Tsa Luminary , Lkpk and Snow Killer killed Barquinhu - about 2 hours ago
Pungsis killed Barquinhu - about 2 hours ago
Vmdh , Barquinhu and Lordofshadowss killed Ill Evil Ill - about 2 hours ago
Halokph killed Barquinhu - about 3 hours ago
Igo Souza killed Barquinhu - about 4 hours ago
Barquinhu and Emanueljkm killed Il Last Fire Il - about 8 hours ago
Spirit Noinha killed Barquinhu - about 9 hours ago
Mathewsgats , Barquinhu and Ill Evil Ill killed Sr Pel Killer - about 23 hours ago
Barquinhu , Mathewsgats and Kenichi Op killed Vitinhoppikachu - about 23 hours ago
Akt Pump Boy killed Barquinhu - 1 day ago
Akt Pump Boy and Ill Matanza Ill killed Barquinhu - 1 day ago
Barquinhu killed Radarthegamer - 1 day ago

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