Bagas Nob Supporter

Character Information
Name Bagas Nob
Level 293
Guild Forgotten Alliance
Title Offline Trainer VII Legendary
Last online about 1 hour ago
Born October 01, 2022
Recent character kills and deaths
Bagas Nob killed Ahmad Yanur - 2 days ago
Wariorind killed Bagas Nob - 4 days ago
Rezanite , Fz Il Blckpnthr and Red Fox Hk killed Bagas Nob - 5 days ago
Bagas Nob and Qwesal killed Joker Op Il - 5 days ago
Yintong and Bagas Nob killed Kenapa Noob - 5 days ago
Bagas Nob killed Ra Dir - 5 days ago
Light Yagami Xl killed Bagas Nob - 6 days ago

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