Arka Ralaxfya Supporter

Character Information
Name Arka Ralaxfya
Level 451
Guild Archipel Khatulistiwa
Title Minotaur Slayer VII Legendary
Last online about 2 hours ago
Born April 12, 2021
Recent character kills and deaths
Touk Espanca killed Arka Ralaxfya - about 18 hours ago
Fz Il Zhein , Wag Dictar Pro , Mr Lokifok Fg and Zunbido killed Arka Ralaxfya - 2 days ago
Pahlawan Oxygen killed Arka Ralaxfya - 4 days ago
Mortal Rx , Arka Ralaxfya and Arka Icishxyanz killed Pahlawan Oxygen - 4 days ago
Arka Ralaxfya , It Henrizin , Evenel Big Bow and Alok Lk killed Terano Tyrant - 6 days ago

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