Arcangel Il

Character Information
Name Arcangel Il
Level 101
Guild The Venom Il
Title Expert
Last online 28 minutes ago
Born February 01, 2022
Recent character kills and deaths
Arcangel Il and Il Dist Low Il killed Tosuzengilanski - 10 minutes ago
Il Dist Low Il and Arcangel Il killed Ericbatcat - 12 minutes ago
Jolliver killed Arcangel Il - about 2 hours ago
Arcangel Il and Swnswo killed Alexelprow - about 2 hours ago
Chicabonita and Papi Arka killed Arcangel Il - about 2 hours ago
Goolinx Jr , Mata Pvt and Arcangel Il killed Lords Dragon - about 3 hours ago
Gods Reaper killed Arcangel Il - about 23 hours ago
Mikevgll , Illusive Ninja and Arcangel Il killed Gods Reaper - about 23 hours ago
Arcangel Il killed Wsesino - about 23 hours ago
King Dahaka Il killed Arcangel Il - 1 day ago
Jsosl , Arcangel Il , Soyhack and Mob Xeria killed Fire Reed - 1 day ago
Guardian Smaug , Guardian Floppa and Arcangel Il killed Blg Il Nestor - 1 day ago
Blg Il Nestor killed Arcangel Il - 1 day ago
Vinicreido , Demon Negro and Arcangel Il killed Anjo Da Pas - 1 day ago
Demon Negro killed Arcangel Il - 1 day ago

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