Character Information
Name Andzio
Level 319
Guild Hellbound Soldiers
Last online about 19 hours ago
Born July 13, 2018
Recent character kills and deaths
Dxrk Knight killed Andzio - about 19 hours ago
Andzio and Rafallllllllllx killed Omen Skill - about 19 hours ago
Andzio killed Polak Mik - 4 days ago
Andzio killed Im Champion - 4 days ago
Andzio and Brawl Extreme killed Alone Bird - 4 days ago
Pekkaa Ls and Andzio killed Sallladin - 5 days ago
Andzio and Crowage killed Momettt - 5 days ago
Andzio and Sallladin killed Negenho - 5 days ago
Terrorrym killed Andzio - 5 days ago
Andzio , Pan Kozak and Il Magic Eu Il killed Requzi Il - 5 days ago
True Metal Bdjl killed Andzio - 6 days ago

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